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What is gitbird?

gitbird is a quite simple tool which helps the common developer tweet out their newest updates - without even reminding them.

There had always been a missing link between twitter and git-providers. This is exactly what gitbird trying wishes to fix!
By providing a hook, that every developer or product manager - and everything inbetwixt - can add to their git-hosting.

Even, for the advanced user, gitbird provides a simple bash-plugin, that can be plugged in your


folder, without modifying. For maximum simplicity!
⚠️ You can modify as much as you'd like, though, it's not recommended! ⚠️

How does gitbird work?

gitbird is the missing link between twitter (i.e. providing updates) and git (i.e. source-control), which helps keeping your product-users updated. You make the git commit - we tweet the update to your twitter followers!

What providers does gitbird work with?

Gitbird thrives to work with the majority of git-providers. Below are just some of them:

Other providers might work too, but, have yet to be tested. Please, do not hesitate to ask any questions regarding this or anything else. I can be contacted at almost anytime via Twitter if you need help!

How do I get a so-called "hook"?

Well, simply login and either press the big Hook button - or use this shortcut, just for you! 🥰

On the


page, you'll see a box with an URI, that says something like

This is your personal hook-URI. Do not share it! Or actually, please do share it with any developer, that you would like to see tweet about product-updates.

What does it cost to use gitbird?

Glad you asked! gitbird is provided for free, for everyone. Though, if you like it: you are more than welcome to donate through coinbase and/or BMC. Any token of appreciation is welcome - might it be a simple tweet or donation, everything is welcomed with open arms.

Can you explain why your name is git-bird?

You know, birds they tweet, like a lot, and twitter is is no exception. Thus, the bird in gitbird, as it provides the missing link between those two. 🐦 So, tweet tweet git birders! Tweet all the commits all day long! And be free like a bird! Okay, I’ll stop tweeting now. *wink wink*

Using gitbird and want to get listed?

If you want to be listed on the front-page, simply throw a mail my way by either using the contact button at the top. ↑

Don't want to scroll up? Simply click here: Contact. And the Git Bird will tweet, I mean fly, you right there in just a sec!